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Looking After Your Health As You Get Older

There is no doubt that staying active as you age keeps you energetic and feeling at your best. As time passes by, we experience a lot of changes in our lives; career, family, retirement, empty nest, physical changes and even the loss of loved ones. As such, we should be well prepared to handle these changes gracefully. This can be achieved by maintaining a healthy physical and emotional state. Here are a few tips to help you.


Quick Guide to Healthy Aging

We all have differing ways of experiencing joy and fulfillment. The enjoyable activities change over time. And as the career life slows down towards retirement, you may find that you need to engage in some activities to keep you healthy and happy. If you are not sure of where to start, here are a few tips.

Regular Medical Checkups

Part of healthy aging is keeping diseases and ailments away. As such, it is important to have regular medical checkups to ascertain that every part of the body is working as it should. Such periodic checkups should include cancer tests, blood tests, and general well being physically and emotionally. It is also important to educate yourself on facts about cancer and other ailments that are common with age.

Proper Balanced Diet

As you grow older, there are body minerals that are depreciated. You may find that some older people have brittle bones while some are dealing with memory loss and other such ailments. This means that there are cells dying and mineral levels going low in the body. Therefore, it is important to get checked and take the necessary supplements. It is also important to play some brain games such as crossword puzzles, chess, etc. to keep the brain cells healthy and inhibit memory loss.

Regular Exercises

Physical health is one of the main components of a happy life. As such, it is important to engage in activities that keep you physically healthy. Physical exercises help your keep the following ailments at bay.

• High blood pressure

• Diabetes

• Heart conditions

• Unhealthy weight

• Rigid joints

• Irritable bowel movements

• Muscle and bone wasting

Lost skin elasticity, wrinkles

• Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease

The list of ailments that are eliminated by proper exercises is endless. This is because exercise boosts the production of some chemicals in the brain which help lift the mood. In addition to keeping you happy and energetic, the exercises help you fight stress and anxiety related to the various changes you will experience.

The exercise routines should start out mild and gradually progress to the level you are comfortable with. You need not pay for a gym membership either; you can be active without paying a penny! Some of the exercises you can take up include:

• Cycling

• Walking

• Going up and down the stairs

• Playing amateur sports such as tennis

• Some muscle stretching exercises

• Dancing or aerobics

• Regular household chores such as washing the car

It is advisable to limit the time you spend in inactive activities such as watching TV or reading a book. Look out for activities you can engage in to keep your energy up.

Some Activities to Nourish Your Spirit

Keeping physically fit is one component of a wholesome life. However, you also need arouse the excitement in you and participate in those activities that once gave you joy; just for the fun of it. Here are some ideas on where to start.

• Pick up a new hobby or go back to one that gave you immense joy

• Play games with your grandkids, nieces and nephews or even pets

• Learn a new skill such as a language or how to play a musical instrument

• Volunteer at your local community center and get involved helping people

• Take a trip to a place you always wanted to visit or go for a hike, camping, etc

• Play out your life experiences and mentor those after you

Needless to say, there is no end to the list of things you can do to ignite and sustain that spark in you. Be sure to pick out what you enjoy; you don’t want to end up engaged in an activity that drains your joy.

Parting shot

Changes are not always welcome, but they are part of life. We ought to know how to deal with these changes as we grow older to prevent a host of problems caused by unhealthy living. Therefore, it is important to stay healthy emotionally and physically for a happy and fulfilled life. You maybe please to know that the government has adequate policies on older people to help deal with the stress of the situations.

Remember to keep up your supplement intakes. If you are suffering from a condition that requires regular medication such as high blood pressure or diabetes, it I important to take them as directed by your doctor. It is advisable to consult a physician whenever you feel unwell.

Aging doesn’t have to be a rough time. With the necessary preparation, you will sail through it a happy, fulfilled person!

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